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SPM English Speaking Test Hot Topic – Part 2

Speaking Test Hot Topic

Here is the collection of some hot topic for SPM English speaking questions (with suggested answers).

Favourite sport

Talk about your favourite sport.

You should say:
– What sport you like
– Why it is your favourite
– Whether you prefer to watch or play the sport
– if you would choose sport as a career (why / why not)

The sport I like is badminton. It is my favourite sport because it needs great techniques and team cooperation. This sport also requires a lot of extensive practice and high concentration during games. Choosing badminton is all about enjoying the process, keeping me engaged, satisfied, and physically fit.

I prefer to play this sport because the process is so exciting and enjoyable for me. I practice a lot and actively participate in school tournaments. I believe that playing badminton is more than just a game. It’s a good way to contribute to my overall health.

Even though I’m passionate about badminton, I don’t plan on pursuing a career in sports. My fitness may not meet the standards required for a professional athlete. Nevertheless, badminton will remain a beloved hobby, providing a healthy recreation for my life.

A dream job

Talk about your dream job.

You should say:
– What your dream job is
– Why you want this job
– What you will do to achieve it
– If teenagers should be selective in choosing a job in the future (why / why not)

My dream job is to be a photographer. I find this job interesting and challenging, especially because I’ve always been fascinated by capturing the moment through taking pictures. I am eager to explore the art and skill behind it.

To achieve this dream, I plan to start taking more photos using my phone before investing in a professional camera. Additionally, I want to enhance my photography skills by taking a course in it. There are a lot of free tutorials on YouTube where I can learn various photography techniques from professional photographers.

I believe teenagers should be selective in choosing future jobs. It’s crucial to pick something they are passionate about, so their job doesn’t feel burden or boring. Making thoughtful career choices helps them enjoy their work and feel more satisfied.

Favourite subject in school

Talk about your favourite subject.

You should say:
– what the subject is
– why you enjoy learning it
– how important the subject is
– how you can master the subject

My favorite subject in school is English, and it has always been enjoyable for me. Learning English is fascinating because the subject is so interesting, and my English teacher, Miss Wong, plays a significant role in helping me improve my understanding. She is consistently patient and friendly, and her teaching methods are very engaging.

The importance of this subject cannot be overstated, considering it is a language widely used worldwide. Learning English allows effective communication with people from different countries. There is also a lot of knowledge written in English that requires a better language ability to understand.

To master this subject, I try to read English newspapers, novels, and watch English TV shows such as BBC News, which proves to be highly beneficial. Besides that, I also try to communicate using the English so that I can speak fluently.

A language you would like to learn

Talk about a language you would like to learn.

You should say:
– what the language is
– where it is spoken
– why you are interested to learn it
– the importance of learning a new/foreign language

The language I would like to learn is Japanese, the official language of Japan and the primary language spoken by the majority of the population in the country.

I am interested in learning this language because I often watch Japanese anime. Sometimes, movie platforms don’t provide subtitles, making it challenging for me to understand the plot. Consequently, I want to learn Japanese so I can comprehend what the characters are saying even without subtitles.

Learning a foreign language is crucial as it allows us to communicate with foreigners. For instance, when we encounter foreigners in our country who may not speak English or Malay well, knowing their language enables us to assist them. Besides that, learning a foreign language also allows us to work in a different country, thereby enriching our personal career path.

Good food you enjoy

Talk about good food you enjoy.

You should say:
– what food makes you happy?
– why you enjoy the food?
– what special dish you wish to try. Why?
– what benefits students gain by eating good food?

Nasi lemak always brings joy to me as I thoroughly enjoy eating it. This traditional Malaysian dish holds a special place in my heart because of its unique combination of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and the the special ‘sambal’ sauce.

As for a special dish I wish to try, i will choose Nyonya dishes. Nyonya cuisine combines Chinese and Malay flavors, offering a mix of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors that I’m wish to explore.

As a student, consuming good food will brings numerous benefits because it contributes to our overall health. Take my favorite dish, nasi lemak, for example. Its well-balanced nutrition provides the energy and essential nutrients necessary for students to prosper in their studies and daily activities.

Good habit

Talk about a good habit you practise.

You should say:
– What the good habit is
– How you feel doing it
– Why you practise it
– Why it is important for students to have good habits

I maintain the good habit of writing a diary each night before bedtime. As I jot down my daily thoughts and experiences, I feel relaxation and ease, allowing me to unwind from the day’s activities.

I practice this habit with the purpose of capturing all moments in my life, whether happy or sad. It serves as an escape from the stress of daily life, and during times of sadness, reading my diary helps me relive those happy memories.

I strongly encourage students to adopt good habits such as reading or writing. Engaging in such habits positively influences academic performance and overall well-being. Reading, in particular, enhances vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and imagination. Good habits contribute to students’ personal growth and giving a positive impact for success in their future.

Best gadget

Describe the gadget you like the most.

You should say:
– What gadget you use on a daily basis.
– What you use it for.
– How much time you spend on it.
– How it makes your life better.

I use my smartphone on a daily basis, and it’s the gadget I like the most. I use my smartphone for various purposes, including communication, entertainment, and productivity. I spend a significant amount of time on my smartphone, probably 5 hours each day.

My smartphone is a crucial gadget that enhances my life. I stay updated with information and news from around the world every day through my smartphone. Whether I’m working on homework or learning new knowledge, I use my smartphone to search for relevant materials. Besides that, it’s my primary tool for staying connected with family and friends, enhancing the efficiency of our communication.

Disciplinary problem

Talk about a disciplinary problem that happened in your school.

You should say:
– What the problem was?
– Who were involved?
– The actions taken to solve the problem
– If it is important to have stricter rules in schools (why / why not)

In my school, there was a disciplinary problem involving bullying. Some Form 4 boys targeted a Form 1 student, pouring water into his school bag and mocking him. This behavior affected the victim emotionally and created an unhealthy environment.

To solve the issue, the school took disciplinary actions against the Form 4 boys. The bullies received demerits, punishments, and warning letters were sent to their parents. The intention is to help them understand that their actions have a negative impact on the school and can cause emotional distress to other students. Informing their parents about this issue is crucial, as it allows them to guide their children toward becoming better individuals.

In my opinion, having stricter rules in schools is important. It helps maintain discipline among students and ensures everyone’s safety. When rules are in place, students are less likely to violate the school’s code of conduct, contributing to a positive atmosphere for learning.

An environmental problem

Talk about an environmental problem in your area.

You should say:
– What the problem is?
– The cause of the problem?
– How it affects your daily life?
– How to promote environmental awareness among students?

Air pollution is a serious environmental problem in my living area which negatively impacts on human health. The cause of air pollution include toxic gases released by factories and vehicles, illegal open burning and forest fires in Indonesia.

To cope with the issue, I have to wear a mask whenever I go out to reduce the inhalation of toxic gases. Air pollution will cause breathing difficulties for me due to my respiratory health and allergic condition.

Tackling air pollution requires a lot of effort. School authorities can organize environmental campaigns within schools to raise awareness among students. Schools can play a crucial role in educating the younger generation about the importance of protecting the environment and the consequences of air pollution.

Online shopping

Talk about an item you bought online.

You should say:
– What the item was
– Which platform you used to buy it
– Why you prefer to buy it online
– The cons of online shopping

I recently purchased a new pair of shoes from Shopee, an online shopping platform, on November 11th.

I prefer online shopping because it’s sometimes challenging to find the right size and my favorite color in physical stores. During the November 11th shopping day, online shopping platforms offer significant discounts. Besides that, the store provides free shipping, free returns, authentic guarantee, and other benefits.

However, online shopping does come with its drawbacks. There’s a potential risk of personal information being hacked by cybercriminals and posing a threat to our safety. Additionally, there’s a concern about receiving items that may not match the expectations.

A memorable holiday

Talk about your memorable holiday at a local destination.

You should say:
– where you went to
– how you travelled there
– what made the holiday memorable
– the benefits of going on a holiday in your country

One of my memorable holidays was a trip to Penang Island last year. I travelled to Penang by train from Kuala Lumpur Sentral, and the experience was very exciting.

What made this holiday truly memorable was the rich cultural diversity of Penang, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The historical building in Georgetown combine different cultures and reflecting the multicultural history. Besides that, the local cuisine, especially the flavorful Laksa, became a highlight of my holiday.

As Malaysians, prioritizing domestic travel is important. Exploring our own country allows us to contribute to the domestic economy. Moreover, domestic travel offers the advantage of affordable transportation and accommodation fees, making it a more budget-friendly option. Furthermore, it presents a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the beauty and culture of our homeland.

A respectable person

Talk about a person you respect most.

You should say:
– Who the person is
– What the person’s profession is
– Why you respect the person
– If it is important to have role models in our life? (why / why not?)

The person I respect the most is my mother. She’s a housewife who serves as the pillar of our family. Not only does she drive me to school, but she also prepares delicious meals and takes care of our daily lives, making our house feel like a home.

I respect my mother because she plays a vital role in our family. Without her, many aspects of our routine would be difficult. Her ability to manage everything with a smile and dedication is truly admirable.

I believe having role models is important in life. My mother serves as my role model. Her courage in facing challenges and her commitment to our family inspire me. I look up to her as a target, aspiring to be a better person in life, just like she is. Her influence motivates me to set goals and make efforts to lead to success.

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