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Essay Sample SPM: Class Excursion (Extended Writing/Story)

Class Excursion story essay

Write your answer in 200 – 250 words in an appropriate style on this question paper. Your teacher has asked you to write a story for a school newsletter.

Extended Writing SPM

The story must have the title: Class Excursion

Your story should include:
• a description of the excursion
• benefits of a class excursion
• your feelings

Write your story.

Class Excursion

The day had arrived! On that awesome day, Mr Dominic Lester accompanied twenty of us on
our class excursion to the famous seaside. We chartered an air-conditioned bus. Everybody was in high spirits as we boarded the bus.

On the bus, we sang merry tunes of popular medleys while Lester strummed away on his guitar
with some students. Excitement filled our hearts and everyone was in a happy mood. After some time, we finally arrived at the seaside. Bouncing with excitement and enthusiasm, we scrambled out of the bus and rushed for the sand.

A cool breeze brushed past our cheeks, the sound of waves lapping the rocks and birds chirping
on the branches of trees could be heard everywhere. We built sandcastles of different shapes and sizes, snapped numerous picturesque views of collected seashells and cute diminutive pebbles that were scattered on the seashore. We thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine.

Of course, the lure of the greenish-blue water made us change into our swimming costumes
and we swam to our hearts’ content. We had a whale of time in the crystal-clear sea water. During these exciting hours of fun and joy, we hardly noticed that the day was slipping away. We had to bid farewell to the wonderful place which had provided us with so much fun and pleasure.

During this excursion, we learned about team spirit to set up and clean up the picnic spot. Living
in a community is a skill to be learned and upskill too. So going for an outing or an excursion will be a way for us to learn it well.

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