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The Holiday Book Review – SPM Essay Sample

SPM Essay Sample: The Holiday Book Review

Write your answer in 200 – 250 words in an appropriate style on this question paper.
You see this notice in a community magazine. Write your book review.

Book Review Required

Have you recently read a good book?
With the holidays fast approaching, helpful reviews of books to read are welcome.

Let us know what book you are reviewing.
Provide a brief synopsis and let us know why you enjoyed the book and who would enjoy reading the book.
Briefly explain where you obtained a copy of the book, so future readers know where to get a copy of it.

The Holiday

The book I am reviewing is titled “The Holiday” by Justine Haggard. The book is available at the most of the bookshops including Popular Bookstore. A good book is worth carving out time for. It is the perfect plan for the upcoming holidays, where one looks for activities to occupy the time.

Brief synopsis of the book

Three friends from university gather with their families for once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Unfortunately, the events lead a crime writer, Lessa, into uncovering her husband’s secret activities. Lessa is not sure who to trust as her marriage and lifelong friendships unravel. Little does she know that the stakes are higher that she has ever imagined. Everyone, it seems, has a secret. The twists are fast and furious towards the end. It is a plot-driven book that will be sure to entertain readers who enjoy domestic thrillers.

Why I enjoy the book

Lessa narrates most of the book. Her analytical point of view simultaneously helps her search for the truth about her husband and her secrets. She dissects each person’s actions and comments. While she slowly processes her thoughts and observations, the tension builds up a breaking point between the guests. What I enjoyed most about the story, besides the dreamy location, Mauritius, was the author’s ability to keep me guessing. To masterfully convey that ever so slight edge that had me second-guessing everyone.


The book is accessible to all ages and has a precise but straightforward language that seamlessly makes the characters and events come alive. The print is easy to read, and even delightful cover keeps reader guessing. I strongly recommend readers to get this book for the holidays.

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