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Essay Sample SPM: Juvenile Crime (Article Writing)

Essay Sample SPM: Juvenile Crime

Write an article to explain about examples, causes and prevention of juvenile crime. Make sure your writing is between 200 – 250 words with the appropriate style according to the question.

Articles wanted

Teenagers vs Crime

• What are examples of juvenile crime?
• What are the causes of juvenile crime?
• How to prevent juvenile crime?

Write us an article answering these questions. The best article will be featured in our magazine.

Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crime is a serious issue in our country. The recent statistic shows that there were 1,285 cases involving school children in 2019. Juvenile crime means offences committed by young people below a specific age. In Malaysia, someone is considered a child if he or she is under the age of eighteen years old. What could these teenagers possibly commit? What causes these teenagers to be involved in crime activities and how could we help them? This article will disclose everything about juvenile crime.

Causes of Juvenile Crime

In Malaysia, teenagers are involved in many examples of crime cases, contributed by a few causes. For instance, burglary, substance abuse and bullying. All of these are contributed by numerous factors. First, it is problematic family. This happens because of less supervision at home and broken relationship. Secondly is peer influence. Teenagers are involved in crime because of the urge to try something new and provocation from their friends. Additionally, the third factor is the environment which refers to the social problems like poverty, and self-centred community. Therefore, to prevent this situation from worsening, all of us have to play our part together.

Start with the family

To prevent juvenile crime, it must start with the family. Parents should create rules and never leave children unsupervised. Parents can learn how to use adequate discipline techniques to control their child. Apart from that, parents can spend time with their children and talk to their children to discuss their problems. Besides parents, other parties should to play their parts too.

Role of school and community

Next is the role of school and community. School can increase school – parent relationship and organise crime prevention program. School counsellors can also do counselling session for the teenagers. Furthermore is the role of community. The community can provide positive role model and conduct community programs like neighbourhood clean-up and house visit. The final prevention step by the community is supervision by community members.

The conclusion

In conclusion, it is very important to stop the teenagers from being involved in juvenile offences. Broken family, peer pressure and environments are the factors that contribute to juvenile crime. Therefore, parents, school and community have to play their parts to reduce the number of teenagers who are involved in juvenile crime because these teenagers are the hope of our country.

Juvenile delinquency, also known as juvenile offending, is the act of participating in unlawful behavior as a minor or individual younger than the statutory age of majority. [Wikipedia]

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