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Essay sample SPM: Article – My Ideal Classroom

My Ideal Classroom

Write your answer in 200 – 250 words in an appropriate style on this question paper. You see this notice on the board outside the school hall. Write your article.

Articles wanted!!
My Ideal Classroom
• What do you want to have in your classroom?
• What facilities do you want to upgrade?
• How do you want to decorate your classroom?

Write us an article answering these questions. The best article will be published in the school magazine.

My Ideal Classroom

School is said to be a second home to students. For me, school is definitely my second home.
Apart from the usual school hours, I have to attend extra classes and co-curricular activities in the afternoon. Therefore, I dream of having a classroom which makes me feel comfortable when I’m at school.

What do you want to have in your classroom?

My ideal classroom should have air conditioning, an interactive board and internet access.
Due to Malaysia’s hot weather, having an air conditioner would reduce the humidity and discomfort. Having an interactive board and internet access could aid students and teachers in the learning and teaching process. Imagine how fun learning would be.

What facilities do you want to upgrade?

Besides, I would like to have new desks and chairs. The damaged notice board in the
classroom needs to be replaced as well. There are a lot of holes on the board, so my classmates and I cannot post notices and messages. I would recommend a 21st century furniture upgrade, for example flexible desks and chairs that you can easily move to suit the activities or lessons on that day. I think it would be awesome to have them in my classroom.

How do you want to decorate your classroom?

With the furniture upgrade and improved facilities, my classmates and I can decorate the
room beautifully. My classroom would have a reading corner and maybe a few lazy chairs for us to relax in.

Essay Conclusion

All in all, this is what my ideal classroom would be like. I know it is impossible to achieve,
but I hope one day it will become a reality.

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