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SPM Essay: What happens in your school

SPM Essay: What happens in your school

Describe what happens in your school when the class end for the day.


The short mellow chime from the school bell signals the end of the day at two o’clock In the afternoon. In contrast, a cacophony of laughter and shouts respond to the bell as students from all twenty-five classes emerge in groups of three or four.

The canteen

Most of the students would walk in groups to the canteen for their lunch. Already the warm home-cooked smells of noodles and rice are drifting out. However, the smells are not the main attraction of the canteen. For most of the students, it is the best opportunity for them to engage in idle chatter with their friends. Students from different classes congregate at long rectangular tables sharing jokes and gossiping about the latest happenings in the school. Surprisingly, even though the students are not shouting, the combination of hundreds of them speaking simultaneously echoes off the confines of the canteen, creating a continuous thunderous roar like the waves would as they hit the rocks. It is hard to decipher any particular conversation, but occasionally, when the voices die down, one or two stray words will ring out.

The field

At the far end of the school, students assemble to engage in what they enjoy most sports. The pungent smell from damp T-shirts rushes into your nose as soon as you get too close to the groups. Wiping at the constant beads of perspiration with an effortless swipe, the students go about their activities determined to shine in their sport.

The staff room

Near the staff room, a handful of students would be seen dragging their feet noiselessly along the red and black tiles as they follow behind their teachers, heads down, books in hand, doomed for a reprimand. Although the teachers’ unsmiling faces suggest a harsh reproach, voices are hardly raised and there are no raps on the heads or knuckles. Instead a sympathetic and considerate sensitivity towards the students result in patient explanations of what they have done wrong. At the end of the session, the students’ faces would often be lighted up as they regain their self-confidence even as they realise the folly of their ways.

Entrance of the school

The foyer near the entrance of the school would always be filled with the fortunate students who are waiting for transport home. A few of them chuck their heavy bags on the floor, toss their books next to them and run about yelling out names and teasing one another, creating 3 din in the otherwise quiet foyer. They never fail to receive annoyed glances from those who are gathered in casual conversation in small groups. Yet, others seem to find their own space as they sit with their head buried in a book, never looking up until they hear the sound of a car horn.

The school gate

At this time, throngs of students would be leaving the school gate. Heavy bags weigh on their shoulders causing a tilt in their posture. However, there is a carefree air about them and they walk with quick light steps. It is the end of the school day and many of them already have plans, whether it is an afternoon of rigorous revision or time at the shopping centre, many are eager to step out of the school grounds and leave their worries behind. Playful banter from small groups of students interspersed with students walking in quiet solitude is a common sight at the end of a day of lessons.

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