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MUET Essay Sample: The Impact of Gadgets on Youths

The Impact of Gadgets on Youths

The trend today among youths is to own the latest technological gadgets such as mobile phones. What are the advantages and disadvantages of young people owning the latest technological devices?

The Impact of Gadgets on Youths

The world we live in today is heavily driven by technology, with new gadgets and devices being released on a regular basis. It is not surprising that many young people are often seen carrying the latest technological devices, such as mobile phones. While some view this trend as beneficial, others are more skeptical and raise concerns about the potential negative effects of owning such devices. However, this issue will be a never-ending argument because it’s solely depends on the user itself to determine their purpose of using these devices. In this essay, I will examine the advantages and disadvantages of young people owning the latest technological devices.

Accessibility of information

One significant advantage of young people owning technological gadgets is the easy accessibility of information. With just a touch of their fingers, they can access information wherever they are. This can help expand their knowledge about the current issues of our world, which can play a key role in taking their minds to a higher level. They can use these gadgets to research and learn about different topics, such as science, history, politics, and more. The easy accessibility of information can contribute to the growth and development of society by producing more intellectual people.

Improved communication

Owning technological gadgets can also improve communication among young people. With the ability to make calls, send text messages, and use various social media platforms, young people can easily stay connected with friends and family, regardless of their location. This can help foster relationships and prevent feelings of isolation, especially for those who are living far from home. Moreover, online communication can offer an added layer of comfort for individuals who may feel more comfortable expressing themselves through digital means. As such, technological gadgets can improve communication for young people and help them to maintain meaningful relationships with those who matter most.

Addiction and dependence

On the other hand, the trend of owning the latest technological devices can also have its downsides. With the constant use of these devices, young people can develop an unhealthy attachment, leading to addiction and dependence. They may feel the need to check their phones constantly, even when it is not necessary, and become distracted from other important tasks. Moreover, this addiction can lead to psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, and loneliness, which can have negative impacts on their mental health and social life.

Decreased physical activity and fitness

Besides that, one of the main drawbacks of owning technological devices for young people is that it can contribute to a sedentary lifestyle and decreased physical activity. With the increasing use of electronic devices, young people are spending more time sitting down and less time engaged in physical activities such as sports, outdoor activities, or exercise. This can have negative consequences on their physical health, leading to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other health problems. It can also make them feel more stressed, anxious, or depressed. So it’s important for young people to balance their use of technological gadgets and and also make time for physical activity to stay healthy.

Conclusion of the essay

In conclusion, the trend of young people owning the latest technological devices has both advantages and disadvantages. While technology can bring many benefits, it can also lead to negative consequences such as financial waste, addiction, and exposure to inappropriate content. Therefore, it is important for young people to use these devices responsibly and contribute towards a happier and healthier development. Moreover, parents also have to play a more active role in monitoring their children’s device usage. The key is for young people to strike a balance between the benefits and the potential negative effects of owning the latest technological devices.

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