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Guided Essay SPM – Opinion on taking a gap year

Opinion on taking a gap year

Your class has been discussing young people who take a gap year before or after finishing school to work or travel before their next step. Your teacher has asked you to write an essay about your opinion on taking a gap year.

Guided Essay

In your essay you should write about :
• the advantages of taking a gap year
• the disadvantages of taking a gap year
• your opinion

Write your essay using all the notes and giving reasons for your point of view.

Opinion on taking a gap year

Every year, more and more high school graduates decide to take a gap year before or after furthering their studies. Gap years are becoming a popular choice because youngster usually boils down to either travelling or venturing into new activities. Much like everything else in this world, taking a gap year also puts forward its own advantages and disadvantages.

Better prepared to go through university life

First of foremost, taking a gap year before furthering your studies may help you to be better prepared to go through university life. Experience is our best teacher and there is plenty of that when you embark on a well-planned gap year. A student who has the extra experience gained through a job or a volunteering work will stand out more than the others. The fact of the matter is the life lessons and skill that a gap year can impart you with are the things that you can never learn in a lecture.

Add values to your resume

Besides that, a productive gap year will help you and add values to your resume. A productive gap year is a great time to engage in resume-building activities. Learning a skill, gaining work experience in your intended field, studying a second language, or spending months immersed learning about a specific topic or country can all help your resume stand out. You can convincing the employer that you are different compare to others, not just having impressive grades on paper.

Risk losing valuable time

Having said all that, every rose has its thorn and so does taking a gap year. Going through a gap year might risk you to losing valuable time. An unstructured gap year will end up with doing nothing that adds values to their lives. Some even regret the decision thinking because they are losing academic momentum after the gap year.

The conclusions

In a nutshell, I believe that taking a gap year can be beneficial to some of us, especially when it is done the right way. No matter how is your decision, a sound advice would be to think everything through and have a good detailed plan. You should make sure that you are learning and growing to avoid feeling remorseful later in life.

What Is a Gap Year?

A gap year is a semester or full year of break from academics typically taken between high school graduation and university enrolment.

Gap years are intended to let the students to discover themselves and experience different kind of lifestyle to consider what kind of future they want to pursue. They can involve in paid job, internship programme, volunteering, or traveling during the gap-year program.

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