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Essay Sample: Staying at Home or Moving Out after SPM

Essay Sample: Staying at Home or Moving Out after SPM

You have decided to further your studies locally after SPM. Your mother has asked you to stay home but your friends are inviting you to share a rental. What is your opinion regarding this?

Paper 2: Guided writing

In your essay, you should write about:
– The advantages
– The disadvantages
– Which do you prefer?
Use all the notes above and give reasons from your point of view. Write your essay in 125 – 150 words in an appropriate style.

Staying at Home or Moving Out for Higher Education

As a student, the decision of whether to stay at home or move out to pursue higher education is a common one. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Pros of staying at home

One of the main advantages of staying at home is the cost-effectiveness. Staying at home can help students save money on rent, utility bills, and other living expenses. This can be especially beneficial for students who are financially dependent on their parents. Students will also have a familiar and comfortable living environment, which can help with the stress and challenges of studying. Besides that, staying at home allows students to have easy access to parental support and guidance, which can be beneficial for both academic and personal issues.

Pros of living with friends

Share a rental with friends during further study after SPM allows students to learn how to live with others, which can be a valuable life skill for the future. It can provide a sense of independence and responsibility because students have to manage their own finances and living space. They will learn how to live on their own and manage their own finances. In additions, living with friends provides the opportunity to socialize and interact with peers, which can be a great way to make new friends and expand one’s social circle.

Disadvantages of share a rental with friends

However, there are also some disadvantages to living with friends. Living independently can be expensive, as students have to split the cost of rent and utilities. They also need to cover all the expenses of living on their own. Besides that, Living with others can be difficult because that is lack of privacy. Students may have to adjust to different living habits and routines.

Conclusion: Which do you prefer?

In the conclusion, staying at home may be the best choice due to financial constraints, while some students may prefer to move out to gain independence and experience. After considering the advantages and disadvantages, I personally prefer to stay at home while pursuing my higher education. The cost-effectiveness and the familiar and comfortable living environment are important factors for me, as I want to focus on my studies without worrying about finances. However, I understand that everyone has different preferences and needs, and ultimately, the decision of whether to stay at home or move out is a personal one.

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