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SPM Essay Sample: The Benefits of Sports

SPM Essay: The Benefits of Sports

You have been asked by the editorial board of the school magazine to write an article on “The benefits of sports in schools”. Write your article based on the notes given below.

Write your essay in 200-250 words in an appropriate style on this question paper.

What is the benefit of doing sport?
– carried out for fun, pleasure or exercise
– good for health, healthy body keeps sickness away
– instills discipline and develops leadership qualities
– help to develop social skills
– relieve stress and tension

The Benefits of Sports

There are a lot of people doing sport these days. Sports means games or activities of physical body that are done for fun, pleasure, relaxation or exercise. Playing games like tennis and football or taking part in athletics are the most common sports activities. They can be done in individual or in a groups. Most people have fun and enjoy themselves when they play games with their friends. We all know that there is a lot of benefit in sports.

Sports is is good for health

One of the main benefits of sports is that it is good for our health. Doing sport will make us healthier because the fat is burnt and impurities are removed from the sweats glands. When sport activity is done outdoors, fresh air is taken into the lungs, resulting in greater flow of oxygen into the heart. Doing sport is the best method to increase our stamina, and we are able to perform better in our daily activity. Besides that, our muscles are toned up and these will keep our bodies strong so that illnesses are kept away.

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Discipline and leadership quality

It is an undeniable fact that participation in sports instills discipline and develops leadership qualities. For example, students must attend the various practices and training programmes punctually. When they are late, they are reprimanded and soon they realize that a proper time management is important in human life. In addition, some students involved in sports activities may get elected as captains, secretaries or other positions. Students holding these positions usually develop leadership qualities. These experiences will help them face up to the challenges of adulthood.

Develop social skills

Sports, especially team sports is benefit to our social life and help to develop our social skills. Sport is not only for individual, but also can be done in a team. Interaction between teammates, players and coaches is instrumental in helping us to open out to each other. A lot of people claim that, they get new friend through sport. The ability to communicate with others and to work in groups is very important to all the youngster in this new generation.

Release stress and tension

On the other hand, participation in sports will helps us to release stress and tension. As a student, the increasing amount of homework and the fear of failure in examinations will cause the emotional problem. A football game or workout at the gymnasium will help us feel much better because our body will release endorphins after exercise. Studies have shown that exercise for at least 30 minutes each day can reduces the levels of stress. This way of releasing stress is healthy unlike some other methods such as smoking, loitering in shopping complexes or even taking drugs.


In conclusion, there are many benefits one can gain from doing sports activities. Student should excel not only in studies but also in games and sports. Involvement in them will not affect academic performance. On the contrary, it will enhance the student’s ability to study and perform excellently in examination.

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